Reporting on Endangered Species While Becoming One

Powells.com July 2010

Without a rejuvenated, thriving journalism that not only reports on disasters in real time but also deeply examines the root causes, it’ll be that much harder to maintain a healthy planet.

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Getting the Lead Out

High Country News, March 5, 2007

Condor 134’s harrowing experience with lead poisoning exemplifies these endangered birds’ greatest challenge.

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Save a Species, Save on Taxes

PERC Reports Fall 2007

Using carrots—not just sticks—to conserve biological diversity is at the heart of a proposal in Congress to improve the ESA’s performance on private land.

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Design to Win

CEA, August 2007

U.S. philanthropy’s current investment in climate change is anemic given the urgency and
immensity of the problem. To attract more funding for this vital issue, a consortium of the
world’s leading foundations sought a detailed and rigorous roadmap for philanthropic
investment in climate change.

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