My eclectic exercise mix

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the bike saddle over the past few months, training for my Great Divide mountain biking trip, and this Spotify playlist has helped ward off boredom and made my workouts much more enjoyable.

There’s a good New York Times story here about choosing the best music for exercise. And there’s actually some peer-reviewed scientific research (such as here and here) to support the notion that athletes perform better while listening to tunes and/or watching video.

headphonesMy preferred vehicle for delivering these songs and others is through a pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones connected to my iPhone. I’m able to fast-forward through songs by touching a little button near my neck and I no longer have to worry about strangling myself with wires. The sound quality on these things isn’t great, and the connection to the iPhone isn’t 100% reliable, but hey, whaddya expect for $50.

For safety’s sake, I don’t listen to music while riding in traffic, but here in Denver we’ve got a great network of paved paths along all the major rivers and streams, so I’m able to rock out in relative security.

Happy listening!

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